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Any advice for any written form, signed, sealed and delivered.

Five levels of basic support are offered to authors and organisations by the WriteMatrix lab:


document analysis

on-line tutorials


full document/project development

All these services can be packaged (individually or in any combination) at a discount rate to meet the shape of your writing and/or project requirements: from a single stanza poem to a feature film, a saleable piece of fiction, a multimedia web design or an 1,000 page government report.

Outside of membership and the on-line tutorials, each document and its development is quoted (at no cost) on an individual project-specific basis determined by its own merits, with production strategies suggested and realisation paradigms proposed.

However if you choose to become a full member of WriteMatrix, then all these service costs are considerably reduced, with free access to our resource libraries, on-line newsletters, forums, software and hardware product discounts and direct mentoring interactions.

Word services for a community of word service providers.

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