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Providing Security for Your Critical Data!

What if you experience

    Fire?                    Theft?                  Equipment Failure?

    Lightning?           Power Surges?    Human Error?

    Backup Media Failure?

   Accidents Do Happen!

What we do for you

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) We backup your critical data, restore files that have been unintentionally
deleted, or lost due to any of  the above
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) The backup is done automatically and requires no intervention on your part
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) All data is encrypted prior to transmission
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Your computer is the only computer that can decipher the encryption
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) You will also use an eight digit password that only you need to know
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Your backups will be secured off site
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Insist you have an internal backup system in place

What you will need

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) An IBM or IBM compatible computer
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) MS/PC Dos 3.3 or higher
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) A hard drive with sufficient space for pre-transmission preparation
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) If not running Windows 95 then EMS 3.2 or higher, or XMS 2.0 or higher
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) A modem with at least 28,000 bps with v42/v42bis and flow control

What it will cost

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) $100.00 per month for 5 days per week when the backups are less than 6Mb
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) $120.00 per month when the backup exceeds 6Mb

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) $6.00 per backup for less than 5 days per week

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) $25.00 per month for "end of week" backups
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) $50.00 per month for "end of month" backups

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) A once only setup fee of $100.00

Other ways we can help you

Common Sense Technology has dealer arrangements that can assist you
in purchasing hardware and software, either for the backups (internal and
remote) as well as your other needs as they arise.

We can also assist you in developing:

bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Computer Disaster Planning and Recovery
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Data Security Arrangements
bullet1.gif (122 bytes) Procedure for transporting data to new computers

Accidents Do Happen! How many days of data
can you or your organisation afford to lose?

What would be the financial impact on your

Discuss with us your needs NOW!
Contact us using our phone, fax or Guestbook.

Yes. . . Contact Us . . .NOW!

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