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Failsafe Remote Backup - Have you got it?

Temporary Note:  At the moment Creation Corporation is not providing backup services as such. We can however advise you.

Creation Corporation can provide to you a FAILSAFE backup for your critical data.
And we do recommend you have in place your own inhouse backup system.
But what if it fails, or it ALL is destroyed or stolen? What if you forget?

Contact us URGENTLY if you are an individual, small or large business and you
DO NOT have in place a REMOTE BACKUP system.

This service is ideally placed for you if you are in Canberra or Queanbeyan.

Discuss with us your needs. And be surprised at our rates for this service! Ring us now, or
contact us using our phone, fax or Guestbook. Yes. . . Contact Us . . .NOW!

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